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Polynomial and Rational
1.1 Real Numbers  
1.2 Exponents and Radicals  
3.1 Polynomial Functions and their
Graphs 3.2 Dividing Polynomials,
Real Zeros of Polynomials
1.3 Algebraic Expressions  
1.4 Fractional Expressions  
1.5 Equations  

3.4 Complex Numbers

1.6 Modeling, 1.9 Solving
Equations and Inequalities
1.7 Inequalities      
1.8 Coordinate Geometry  
1.10 Lines  
Exponential and Logarithmic
2.1 What is a Function?
4.1 Exponential Functions
2.2 Graphs of Functions     4.2 Logarithmic Functions
2.3 Variation
Increasing-Decreasing Functions
Extreme Values of Functions
4.3 Laws of Logarithms,
4.4 Exponential and Log
Equations, 4.5 Modeling

2.5 Transformations of Functions
2.8 Combining Functions
2.9 One-to-One Functions and
their Inverses

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